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We send you our best greetings and we are looking forward to your
taking an interest in Lithuania!

Internet portal began in July 2005 to respond the
growing interest of individual travellers and Travel Agencies
worldwide to Lithuania as a new tourism destination. We use all modern
Internet technologies to promote tourism potential of Lithuanian
country and to show infrastructure, attractions, customs, history and
many other tourism related information of the country to the visitors
of our Internet portal.

BALTIA TOUR Ltd. was established in July 2004 to provide high quality
tourism services in the country. Company's Head Office is based in
Vilnius, Lithuania.

Our concept is to offer a wide variety of services and provide quality
combined tours and separate travel services. At present working with
professional partners in different cities and places of Lithuania we
are pleased to offer to our customers a wide range of tourism services
combined with a high level of personal service.

The prices we are offering are often 30-40% lower than Rack rates. We
also place high emphasis on choosing the transportation means, tour
guides and other providers of services, choosing the best ones but due
to reduced internal costs, high professionalism of the staff,
effective arrangements with local partners and the general
client-friendly approach we are able to offer our valued customers
competitive prices for all our products.

Our Golden Rules are:
Experience and Personal Service: as a specialist Tour Operator we take
a personal interest in all our clients and take great pride in the
satisfaction of our customers. Our itineraries are innovative and each
trip has been thoroughly researched. We have an intimate knowledge of
our products and we personally check all the details, which will make
your travel special.

Quickness & Reliability: all operations on business letters,
elaborating of itineraries and routes and reservations are handled by
one of our staff in 24 hours. If some operation requires more time we
inform our client about it. Responsible person will not finish his/her
working day if he/she has any non replied request or booking.

Confidence: our Privacy Policy, and our pledge is, that the
information submitted to us by our customers or partners is completely
confidential and any special rates and negotiations has never, and
will never be made available to a third party for any reason.

Price: prices displayed on include all taxes,
surcharges and fees.

NO service fees! NO hidden costs!

Welcome to - Your Ultimate Virtual Travel Guide in Lithuania!

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