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Druskininkai is the largest resort in Lithuania, located in the south
of the country, 120 km from Vilnius. The resort is famous for its old
sanatorium treatment traditions, wonderful nature and rapidly
developing tourism services infrastructure. The resort has long been
famous for its mineral waters and curative mud, which currently are
combined with modern technologies and have a great value for health
Druskininkai is the international resort for active
recreation and treatment, which is aimed at the wide spectrum
entertainment industry with its highly developed modern service
infrastructure. The resort infrastructure is developed in these
directions – sanatorium treatment, spa centres, tourism, recreation,
entertainment and commercial sporting activities. The wide range of
available services is suitable for people of all ages.

At that time there operated 10 sanatoriums, convalescent homes of
mineral water, curative mud, and physiotherapy. Around 400,000 people
were taking rest in a year. Druskininkai is glorified not only by
unique natural sources, but also by artists who earned world lustre.
It was a residence place of a painter and composer M. K. Ciurlionis
and a birthplace of a famous sculptor modernist Jacques Lipchitz.