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The European Park (Europos parkas), a museum of contemporary and modern art, has come into being as creative expression of an artist.

The semantic idea of the European Park is to give meaning to the geographic center of the European Continent ascertained by the French National Geographic Institute. The mission sounds as follows – an open-air museum of contemporary and modern art strives to build up a landscape where works coupled with the natural environment form an integral ensemble showing a broad spectrum of diverse cultural traditions and expression forms, and invite visitors for a dialogue with the environment.

The natural environment approximates a viewer to the works of contemporary and modern art. Also, it eases a contact with a work helping an individual to get the message. Nature changes not only during different seasons but also at different hours throughout day or in an altering illumination. This provides a unique opportunity to a visitor to enter an ever-changing medium.

Artworks of varying forms and material reflect cultural diversity. Also, the geography of artists is pretty wide-ranging. The European Park now displays more than 90 sculptures whose authors come from 28 world countries and have a varying creative experience. There is a separate space within the museum to exhibit the works created during the Symposium of Young Artists, and the remaining territory houses the works made of natural short-lived materials.

Artworks cover different routes to get to the European Park. The smallest works have been created by artists on-site, whereas more complicated works have been produced by the museum specialists following instructions of artists. The gigantic steel projects have been performed in several factories – the works were cut into pieces, transported and again assembled within the park. A few bronze sculptures, as donation of the author, had been mounded prior to their delivery to the museum.

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